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Roberta S. Russell and Bernard W. Taylor, "Operations Management: Creating Value Along the Supply Chain, 7th edition" 
Wi ley | 2011 | ISBN: 0470525908 | 832 pages | PDF | 32,4 MB

A blueprint for successful operations management

Today's managers need more than a clear understanding of what it takes to supervise operations through quantitative techniques, technology, and processes; they need to learn how to effectively coordinate those operations across a global supply chain.

The 7th Edition of Operations Management: Creating Value Along the Supply Chain continues to provide a solid foundation for both qualitative and quantitative operations processes; teaching students how to analyze operational processes designed to ensure quality, create value, and optimize output in order to make organizations more successful. The authors successfully make complex topics easy to understand; with frequent real-world examples, virtual online tours of service and production facilities, and easy to understand example problems. Now with WileyPLUS for OM, an innovative, research-based, online environment for effective teaching and learning, students will be able to practice their quantitative skills while in the context of the course's learning objectives.

Highlights of the 7th Edition include:
Continued emphasis on supply chain management
New focus on sustainable practices
Production of chocolate used as a vehicle to illustrate operations management topics
New OM Video Series, featuring award-winning interviews and footage

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